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Building the future of California with PLAs

This video highlights several high-profile projects using Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) to deliver projects successfully. The projects in this video range from large scale solar farms and rebuilding a San Francisco neighborhood. The PLA process is explained through a series of interviews from the public, private and industry point of view. Runtime: 12:18.

Apprenticeship Readiness: A pipeline to the building trades

California has funded several programs to help prepare individuals for the rigors of working in the construction industry. Using the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3), these programs help people determine which craft is best for them, and get the physical and lifeskills training they need to get accepted into apprenticeship. The outreach focus may differ—women, formerly…

Bio-Pharma and the Building Trades: Partners in Innovation

The bio-pharma industry creates the drugs and medications that heal us when we’re sick; the Building Trades develop a skilled and trained workforce to build the high-tech, clean labs that Pharma needs. See the partnership in action.

Bridge Builders – The story behind the building and naming of the Al Zampa Bridge

In 2003, the longest suspension bridge in the U.S. since the Verrazano Narrows Bridge spanned the Hudson River nearly 40 years before, was completed. History was made when the bridge was named for a construction worker-Al Zampa-who, as an iron worker, had helped construct the original Carquinez Bridge, and had worked on the Golden Gate…

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Scott Wiener – No on SB 423

Scott Weiner has big plans for California, they just don’t include you. No on SB 423.

Women Building The Nation

Women Building the Nation is the largest gathering of women who work in the building trades in the world. This national (and international) event was held in Los Angeles, in May 2015. Hear from several tradeswomen about what they do, and why the building trades are a great career for women.

Right the First Time – The value of the prevailing wage

The prevailing wage has been in California law for more than 80 years. This short video, produced by the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California, shows how paying prevailing wages supports our cities, counties, and the economy of our state by providing a trained and ready workforce that gets the job done right…

Why I Vote

California construction workers explain why voting is important to them. Followed by a personal appeal from California Building Trades Council President Robbie Hunter to get out the vote.

Second Call: A Pipeline from Prison to the Trades

2nd Call, based in Los Angeles, helps people adjust from prison and gang life to holding down a good career in the construction trades. Meet some 2nd Call members and learn more about the challenges they’ve overcome.

Partnership with California Hospital Association

The California Building Trades and the Calif. Hospital Association have a great relationship–union members build the facilities that, in turn, benefit them, their families and communities. They earn good wages and must have health care to do the work. Take a look at the partnership.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Learn some of the basic qualities you need to become a construction worker and hear from others why they love the career.

Construction U

Meet construction apprentices and learn about the benefits of becoming a construction apprentice and how the apprenticeship system works.

Cal-PIA Folsom Graduates

In May, 2018, eleven women graduated the construction carpentry/laborer pre-apprenticeship program at the Folsom Women’s Facility. The program, run by Cal-PIA, has the goal of reducing recidivism by providing real job skills and connections to union apprenticeship.

PLAs for your city or county

A Project Labor Agreement (PLA) is a pre-hire collective bargaining agreement typically negotiated between a project owner, construction manager or general contractor and an appropriate labor organization, usually an area or State Building and Construction Trades Council for the purposes of advancing the economical and efficient completion of the construction project. That means basic terms…

PLAs in your schools

This video highlights how PLA’s are used to help school districts increase quality and reliability in construction projects by using Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). Runtime: 6:19

The Truth about the ABC

The Associated Builders and Contractors (and allied groups) claim to speak for the construction industry, but they’re really a small contractors’ group whose agenda is to promote low wages, bad training and unsafe worksites. Learn the truth before believing their hype.

Women of Sheet Metal Workers Local 104

2014 – In this video, the Sisters of Sheet Metal Workers Local 104 show their skills, dedication to detail and pride in what they do. Runtime 3:20

Presidents Discussion – Part 3

2014 – This is the final segment of the Presidents Roundtable Discussion at the 2014 Women Building California and the Nation conference. Runtime 8:47

Tradeswomen Ts & Tats

2014 – More than 650 women in the building and construction trade unions electrified Sacramento for their third annual national conference on April 6-7, 2013. Runtime 2:59

Presidents Discussion – Part 2

2014 – This is the second segment of the Presidents Roundtable Discussion at the 2014 Women Building California and the Nation conference. Runtime 16:28

Presidents Discussion – Part 1

2014 – At the 4th Annual Women Building California and the Nation conference, we were honored to hear from two International Presidents (Walter Wise from the Iron Workers, and Ken Rigmaiden from the Painters), as well as Robbie Hunter, from the California Building Trades Council. This Presidents “Roundtable” discussion is moderated by Patti Edwards Devlin,…

Kristi Tuemmler – Operating Engineers 3

2014 – Kristi Tuemmler is a crane operator and member of Operating Engineers Local 3 in California. She was the California keynote speaker at the 2014 Women Building California and the Nation conference. Runtime 8:53

Hard Hatted Women (Cleveland)

2014 – See the efforts being made by area institutions and companies to create a diverse workforce in Cleveland and the impact it has on area tradeswomen. A special thank you to Ted Zbozien for producing the film, and the tradeswomen and diversity advocates featured in the film for sharing your efforts and accomplishments. Runtime…

Gina Walsh – Missouri Building Trades

2014 – Gina Walsh is a 30-year member of the Heat and Frost Insulators Union. She’s also President of the Missouri Building Trades Council, and serves as a Missouri State Senator. She was the national keynote speaker at the 2014 Women Building California and the Nation conference. Runtime 7:56

Lt. Col. Cherrie Davis

2014 – Lt. Col. Cherrie Davis (U.S. Army) gave an impassioned and motivational speech at the 2014 Women Building California and the Nation conference. See it here! Runtime 7:23